The Rescue

Art should be not just what we see before us but what we see within ourselves. This self- portrait is a message to my friends and acquaintances. Face your fears, have a passion, love deeply, try to have fun with your life, and make each day count.

This summer, as I painted in my studio and worked on rebuilding my barn, I felt compelled to paint this portrait as a tribute. It is to encourage others to face their fears and act on their deepest desires instead of making excuses and watching life pass them by.

The impetus for this began in the summer of 2011. My neighbor called and wanted me to check out a horse that had been in a pasture for months. This horse had been abused and starved for about 2 or 3 years, was abandoned and left on its own for about 6 months. When horses are treated in this manor they lose respect for all humans, then revert back to their wild nature and avoid human contact. They can be hard to handle, especially for someone that is not a horse person.

My husband was the one with the big heart and he felt sorry for this horse. While we both are animal lovers, I really didn’t want the horse because I was afraid of him. With my husband’s encouragement and my love of animals, I overcame my fear and we soon became the owners of this horse.

I am still not sure which one of us was more fearful, me or the horse. After months of work, reading on the internet about horses, and getting help from friends, the horses’ attitude began to change. With care and feeding he quickly gained about 400 pounds, and regained a slick, glossy black coat of hair. I also began to change as evidenced by my love of and self-portrait with this beautiful animal.

The message I am trying to express is make the best your life has to offer, have a passion for something you love, fulfill your dreams. Don’t let life pass by you…whether it is in the arts, writing, playing with children, running a gallery, opening a business, or facing your fears. Don’t make excuses and live with regrets.
Have a purpose, have a passion and make a difference
Glenda Brown

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