Glenda Brown Portraits and Fine Art Gallery

 Cindy Wolff, The Commercial Appeal wrote, “If you want a glimpse at Brown’s soul, step into the studio at the back of her house. There you’ll find canvases filled with rich colors and mesmerizing faces of children whose eyes insist you meet their gaze."

Every step of portrait painting is a “labor of love”. Meeting with clients, taking the photographs, choosing the perfect photo, the color study, the drawings, stretching the custom size canvas, laying the first coat of paint on the linen canvas, the second coat, the third coat until the final touches magically appear. Each morning I get a cup of coffee, walk into my studio, sit and study the paint strokes I painted the day before. Yes, it is all a Labor of Love, painting my life, your life and my family’s life on canvas. – Glenda Brown


Glenda enjoys painting from life but painting the commissioned portrait is labor intensive. Never wanting to rush a portrait she prefers working with photographic references. Glenda shoots a series of photos with a digital camera. She interacts with her subject, coaxing them to relax into a natural pose getting the perfect reference for the portrait.  Her inspiration and painting process was featured in April - May 2004 issue of International Artist Magazine.