Landscapes and Still Life Art

Landscape Art

Landscape Art is painting of natural scenery, it is art where the main subject is in a wide view. Landscape art almost always includes sky or weather elements of the composition.

Portraits of people, or even paintings of pets, generally include a landscape, the interior of a living area or just a gradated neutral background.

For original landscape paintings feel free to contact Gallery 202 or Glenda Brown for more information. For commissioned paintings contact Glenda’s studio –(901) 606-1692

Still Life Art

Still Life Art is paintings of everyday objects. It is paintings of anything that does not move.

A famous painter of still life was Cezanne. He painted apples for the colors and shapes.

When I paint portrait I need a large block of time with good natural sunlight. On rainy days when the skies are dark or when my time is limited but I want to paint I will set up a still life setting to paint. In these paintings I will look for composition, correct form of shapes, balance, vibrant and subdued coloring. Each time I pick up my brush to paint it makes me a better portrait artist.

 For commissioned paintings contact Glenda’s studio –(901) 606-1692