How I made my studio paint box

In the lumber department of Lowe’s they sell nice ¼ inch 2×4 foot plywood for about 10 dollars. At Lowe’s the sales assistant in the lumber department will cut the board to your designated size. I had my boards cut to 17 ½ x 21 ½. Ask the assistant to cut two pieces same size, have one board cut in half. I use the two halves as the top of my studio paint box, this top will open and close after you screw hinges at each end. I use gray glass to lay my paint on and also mix on the glass.
To make the edges of my box I purchased several one by one inch strips, enough to go around my box bottom and top. When I got home I cut the strips with a chop saw, you can use a hand saw. When attaching the strips, I used glue and a small nail gun. I tried staining the box but the stain wasn’t what I wanted. I mixed Fire Red oil paint with Black oil paint. The color turned out a pretty dark red brown. Let the paint dry and then attach the hinges and a latch to the front. I use Oil of Clove (a natural oil product that slows the drying of oil paint) on a cotton ball or drop one drop on the top of my paint. Depending on the color the paint stays moist for a several days. TIP; Some colors dry very fast while some stay wet. When you are not painting keep the box closed. Air will dry your paint.
Also, I was using a fold up table to set the box on but wanted something higher and adjustable. So I found a home health store and purchased an adjustable over the bed tilt table. Like the kind they use in hospitals or in home care. I love the way it is stable, tilts and lift up and down. It is easy and you can too!

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