Glenda Brown Commissioned Portraits – Fees and Procedures

The initial discussion of the portrait can be presented in person, discussed by phone or e-mail. The emphasis is on what you envision. Glenda will discuss the mood, composition, clothing, setting, size, where the portrait will hang, and associated fees.

Portrait Sitting

Glenda will first photograph the subject with a digital camera. In most cases this should take 2 to 3 hours; depending on the complexity of the composition it could take longer. Glenda chooses the best images to view and if possible develops photographic prints to be viewed with the client. The client and Glenda together will choose the perfect photographic reference for the portrait. Glenda believes communication is the key to turning a photograph into an heirloom portrait.

Glenda Brown Studio

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At the studio, Glenda creates a color study and a scaled drawing. The scaled drawing displays the exact size and composition of the portrait. The color study gives the client a visual aid for their portrait. This study is a loose, small painting of the portrait. It is not intended to be exact. Upon approval of studies, Glenda begins the original oil portrait on Belgium Linen. At this time it may take 6 to 9 months to complete. Inquires about the process are welcome.



Portrait Completion

Upon completion, the portrait is viewed for approval, at this time final payment will be required. Arrangements will be made for delivery or shipping depending on the location.

If the client needs help with framing, Glenda will be more than happy to be of assistance.

Commissioned Oil Portrait Fees

  • Oil Portrait fees begin at $5,000 – Example: 20 x16 head and shoulders of a child.
  • Full length of a child – $10,500 size will be determined at the time of photo-session.
  • Portrait prices are per individual. Pets: an additional fee.
  • A deposit of 50% will be due in advance. Balance due at completion of commission and acceptance by client.
  • Portrait Fees do not include sales tax, framing, shipping or travel.

For more information contact the studio (901) 606-1692