Glenda Brown Portrait Artist

Glenda is an award-winning portrait artist working in a contemporary realistic tradition with a touch of impressionism.

“If you want a glimpse at Brown’s soul, step into the studio at the back of her house. There you’ll find canvases filled with rich colors and mesmerizing faces of children whose eyes insist you meet their gaze.” Cindy Wolff, The Commercial Appeal, Thursday, March 11, 1999.

Glenda About the artist

Glenda Brown’s portraits have been described as remarkably lifelike; so much so that the people on the canvas seem to breathe. Her masterful use of light and shadow is especially effective in capturing the personality of her subject.   She maintains freshness and a wonderful spontaneity in her paintings, which makes each portrait appear to have its own “life on canvas”.

In her earlier days, she worked in watercolor. She joined artist groups submitting work to various art venues throughout the Mid-South and won multiple awards. Arts Uniq’, a publisher in Cookville, Tennessee contracted her and distributed Glenda’s lithographs nationally for several years.

As Brown continued her studies, she also found herself transitioning from watercolor to oils and from Illustrations to portraiture.

As her art began to mature, her passion began to burn deeper. Glenda took art classes from every teacher she could find, studying with Fred Burton and Fred Rawlinson at Memphis College of Art.

In 1996 Glenda studied with Kathryn Manzo at Memphis College of Art in Memphis Tennessee. In1998, Glenda joined other art students with Kathryn Manzo as instructor to found the Contemporary Realist Academy – A classical atelier based on the European-academic tradition. She studied and painted intensely for almost five years, at a pace of four nights per week.

In 1998, Glenda submitted work to a national juried show in Montgomery, Alabama, winning the “Grand Prize” at the American Society of Portrait Artists. This prestigious award marked the beginning of Glenda’s portrait painting career.

Continuing to strive for excellence, in 2001 Glenda studied at Universite D’Angers in Angers France. In 2003 she studied under Nelson Shanks at Studio Incamminati in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Glenda continues her studies with prominent artists in workshops throughout the United States. Glenda feels it is important to keep her passion burning. She never stops learning!

Glenda has been featured in The Commercial Appeal several times, and in the April – May 2004 issue of International Artist Magazine, 2012 Nashville Arts and 2014 Germantown Charity Horse Show magazine.

In 2013, Glenda was contacted by Walter Foster Publishing Company to illustrate and write a chapter in their upcoming book, “The Art of Basic Oil Painting” the book was released February 2014. She wrote Chapter 2, Painting Portraits.

”The world of art is a wonderful journey, there is so much to continually learn. The best part of this artistic adventure is that I have met many clients, friends and peers that are forever embedded in my heart, mind and soul. I love and appreciate this wonderful life’s journey! I am blessed!” Glenda Brown

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