Portraits and Fine Art By Glenda Brown

Glenda Brown is an award winning portrait artist working in a contemporary realistic tradition with a touch of impressionism. She has an amazing ability to capture the personality, as well as the essence and unique beauty of her subjects. Her life-size portraits are painted in oil on a linen canvas. Glenda feels an overwhelming urge to paint “life on canvas.”   Continue reading "Life On Canvas" Stories.

Awards and Authorships


“I cannot begin to tell you what a treasure the portrait of Scott is. You not only captured the physical aspects of him but more so his essence, I feel his happiness and warmth. It is more than I ever imagined, it truly is so a gift to have. You will always have a special place in my heart, this was such a personal journey for me and I am so grateful that you are the one who painted this piece for me.” Fondly, Alicia Dickinson

Alicia Dickinson